Here, at Enerswiss AG, each of our clients are treated individually. We provide them offers and services specially suited to their needs. Maintaining connection and communication with our clients can be done through our self-made web portal. Each of our partners can enter with their personal code and here they can enter their measurement tasks, fill out the orders, send messages for our colleagues in engineering, who deal with measurement and evaluation and download the finished evaluation report. Our clients can not only get notifications about the finished measurements and evaluations but we also notify them via e-mail. Our high quality services and the protection of information is ensured by our quality management system.



We undertake that the desired item gets scanned by a Werth HV 500 computer tomography measurement device quickly after taking the order – this means that we create a 3-dimensional point cloud and picture of it. Every item is suitable for CT measurement if it can be put into a cylinder with a diameter of 500 mm and height of 700 mm. We achieve the same accuracy when scanning both with objects a few millimetres long and those which are almost half metre long.
The item may consist of one or multiple materials. The CT technology can be applied for measuring items made of various types of plastic, metal (e.g. aluminium, copper, even steel up to a particular material thickness), glass, china and carbon fibre.
With the CT measurement, we produce a 3-dimensional, so-called point cloud of the item. The dimensional point cloud is suitable for checking both the internal and external sizes.
The item can be a complex piece made from several parts. The CT measurement makes it available to do examinations on assembled objects without damaging them.
The CT scan is may be followed by the non-destructive material testing.



In our company, the necessary measurements are done by highly qualified and experienced engineers who use the scanned 3-dimensional point clouds.
We undertake that we go through with the measurement processes which have been agreed upon in previous consultations. We generate the 3-dimensional model out of the scanned point cloud and we do the following necessary measurements upon them:

  • we set the point cloud on the CAD model with a 3-dimensional, ‘BestFit’ method and compare the differences of the item to the model
  • we perform measurements directly on the 2-dimensional X-ray image
  • where desired, we create a sectional image of the item on which we perform the necessary geometrical measurements and by doing so, we not only achieve the external measurement but the precise, internal measurements as well which are hard to get to otherwise
  • we perform the non-destructive material testing of the item, e.g. looking for cracks, bubbles or inclusions
  • we perform the testing on individual materials in the case of items which consist of complex, multiple materials
  • we perform non-destructive inspection of assembled items of complex and various materials as well as controlling interfaces and surfaces
  • we prepare a record of the completed evaluation which contains the results of all measurements.



The measurement results and the 3-dimensional point cloud and model are stored for the required time period for an extra charge.



It is possible for our clients, when needed, to send the to-be-measured item not only by post. For a fee, we are willing to take the item to the laboratory of our company and return it afterwards.



Our highly qualified engineers offer private consultations for our clients if they require this service.