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In 2009 Enerswiss AG was established in Switzerland and has been providing industrial metrology, technical and energy facility management for its clients. Our company has highly qualified employees with both experience and skills.

In the field of metrological services, our company offers computer tomography (CT) based on X-radiation. The X-ray CT makes it possible for us to do quick, non-destructive scans as well as to make precise observations of functional sizes, combined with optic or contact sensors. Our other main field of activity is to provide high quality heating service and economical energy saving for our clients. We deal with complete revision, energy audit, and complete reformation (by request) of energy systems and the long-term maintenance of new systems. Enerswiss is present not only in Switzerland, but is represented in Hungary as well. The main goal of the Hungarian branch is to represent the company in the Central and Eastern European market.


Enerswiss has been introduced its integrated quality and environment management system in the spring of 2014. The system was made to provide the economic and efficient function of ENERSWISS AG, and will fit our goals mentioned in our quality and environmental policy and the requirements stated in the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. We are committed to operate and continuously improve an integrated quality management system, certified by an independent organisation. Our integrated operational system covers both the metrological – laboratory, research and development – and environmental protection and energy services.





The primary objective of the management of Enerswiss is to make sure that the company will operate in the long-term successfully, which is achieved by satisfying its customer’s needs. Every one of our employees is committed to fulfilling our customer’s needs and expectations.


The main role of our metrological laboratory is to provide our customers with test results based on objective measurement methods. The quality of our service and the reliability of our results is essential, since the rational planning of various technologies, the professional judgement of their appliances and grading their quality are based upon it.

Our measurement methods provide an objective basis for grading and making technological, commercial and economic decisions. The most important objective of our metrological laboratory is to provide reliable and swift examinations under stringent conditions and to satisfy our costumers’ needs while doing so.

The objective of the laboratory can only be achieved if all the employees perform their clearly defined tasks under controlled conditions – for which they have appropriate qualifications, and skills – this ensures that they take complete responsibility for the quality of their work.
In order to achieve our goals we developed a quality and environment-centric management system, which is efficient in both economic and technical viewpoints. This system makes it possible to keep our service levels high on a permanent basis, whilst managing to maintain continuous innovation. We can only reach our goals and create a culture of continuous development if we use all available cutting-edge technology and place them within reach of our clients. We follow all legal and other requirements concerning our activities, and make sure that we keep them applied and up-to-date.

We intend to gain market advantage by using and continuously developing the integrated management system which guarantees the continuous development of our operation, technical resources and services, and not violating any applicable legal requirements.

We can ensure the satisfaction of our customers with the determination of environmental factors and the targeted environmental estimates. Our development is based on the frequent reviews, the observations mentioned in feedbacks by customers, the processing of new requirements, the corrective and preventive actions and on the information from the feedback from our inner audits. With these, we can assure the continuous development of our system.


By operating the integrated management system we keep in mind:


  • the continuous increase in the competitiveness of the company, its market position, reputation and stability,
  • the satisfaction of our customers and the continuous improvement of our positive external evaluation,
  • the effort to prevent environmental pollution,
  • to obey the laws regarding the company,
  • to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of our company and our suppliers,
  • to maintain and improve workplaces which provide mental hygiene,
  • to improve the technology and technological devices used during our activities,
  • to build open relationships with our suppliers.


We are committed to keep the integrated management system working and developing it continuously. We are willing to constantly monitor the realisation of our goals, processes and the effectiveness of the integrated system. This serves as a basis for determining new objectives. The MSZ EN ISO 9001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001 standards serve the purpose of building, operating and developing an integrated quality and environment-centric management system.

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